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"I wanted to let you know how special you made the birth of my daughter. From helping out at home during those first few days, to making sure that I was not overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice to helping with breast feeding issues, I don't think I could have done it all without your help. Not only were you a wonderful postpartum help, but a fantastic friend. Getting to know you made a special experience all the more beautiful and I cannot thank you enough for being a part of my family's lives."

-Jill (Mom to Maria)

“Without your assistance, we would have had to find a new home for our first 'baby.' Thanks to Sara, we felt comfortable bringing home a new baby to meet our dogs. She even managed to teach the dog not to bark at the doorbell before the baby was born so we don't have to worry about the dog waking the baby when visitors come by!”

-Kate (Mom to Molly)

“It was so wonderful to know that there was always a friendly and understanding person to talk to - even when I felt overwhelmed at 4am. Without Sara, I don't know how I could have navigated those first months of motherhood. Thank you!!!”

-Lori (Mom to Will)

"Sara supported my parenting choices and offered gentle guidance when required. She helped make me a confident parent and ensured that I was able to give my baby the best possible care."

-Suzanne (Mom to Calder)
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