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Pets and Babies

The arrival of a human baby does not mean you need to rehome your four-legged baby. At D is for Doula, we work with you and your pet to help ease feelings of jealousy and competition. Whether you need to teach your pet basic commands or eliminate problem behaviors before the baby arrives, we can help every member of your family get ready for the new addition.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and even well-meaning trainers are often unable to properly prepare a pet for a new baby in the family. As an experienced dog trainer and doula, Sara is in the unique position of understanding the needs of both the pet and the infant and can devise a training program and/or orchestrate the first interaction between your pet and baby in order to maximize the likelihood of a positive and loving bond that will continue as your child and pet grow up together.

Even before your baby arrives, Sara can help you eliminate annoying or unwanted behaviors (separation anxiety, barking/whining, jumping, etc) so that your entry into the postpartum period is as stress free as possible.

Using only positive reinforcement and gentle training techniques, Sara can get your pet ready for the arrival of the newest pack member.*

*No matter how gentle you believe your pet to be, pets should never be left unsupervised with a baby for any reason.
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